Carlo Negri Facchinello

My name is Carlo Negri Facchinello.

For some time, I am passionate about the economy and the functioning of the market.

I specialized in the knowledge of small and medium enterprises, civil economy and ethics in finance.

In 2003 Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, when I told him about my study on a new financial product - the Financial Superdistricts - urged me firmly saying: "The ideas that have legs, walk alone."

Since then, I turned and I started building this project, creating a team of qualified professionals, to help companies create new jobs.

I checked on the field the damage that the "paper finance" caused to our portfolios and, since then, I realized that we must return to the real economy and the community, in a new way.

Thus it was born the project of Financial Superdistricts, through which local companies beg borrow money from local banks linked to financial markets; the companies, in turn, may employ staff on site, keeping the hands-on experience and knowledge.

In 2008, financial system was affected by a global crisis. Since then, we all have been dealing with extraordinary challenges.

Nevertheless, although the QE by main Central Banks, derivatives and the same old patterns are still working on.

So, our purpose is a change. As far as we are concerned, we are building for the long term.

FSD is the new way and today is its first throb.