Carlo Negri Facchinello

Economist and creator of Financial Superdistricts (FSD)





CARLO NEGRI FACCHINELLO (Mortara, 28 January 1976), Italian economist and investment banker. As an independent economist, he created and developed the private equity cluster model of the Financial Superdistricts (FSD). Since 2001 he has taken various positions in banking, insurance and non-profit sectors, taking care of the launch of some unlisted start-ups (textiles, food, web TV, luxury), supporting advisory, capital market and private equity activities (finance, steel, real estate, renewable energy).


Studies and academic background

1995 Scientific High School Degree, with an address in mathematics and computer science, at the "A. Omodeo” of Mortara (Pavia, Italy).

2001 Master’s Degree in Business Administration at the University of Pavia, supervisor Prof. Matteo Mattei Gentili.

2002/2003 M.I.F. (Master in International Finance) with Prof. Enrico Cotta Ramusino, Dario Velo and Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa, at the Collegio Borromeo of Pavia.

2003 Course of Ethical Finance at the Collegio Borromeo of Pavia with Prof. Stefano Zamagni, under the guidance of the Chancellor Prof. Don Ernesto Maggi.

2003 coordinates the conference on "Economic Globalization" and promotes the establishment of the "A. Omodeo" at the homonymous scientific high school of Mortara, delivering the first honor to the Dean of the Faculty of Economics of Pavia and President of the National Conference of Deans of the Faculties of Economics, Prof. Dario Velo.

2007 is advisor of the turnaround of the bank BCC of Genoa for a group of national investors.

2008 as an independent economist, begins the development of the FSD model in the microeconomic version; later, on the basis of the suggestions of Prof. Tommaso Padoa-Schioppa and of the Drexel University of Philadelphia, in the macroeconomic version.

2011 speaker with Alberto Bombassei of Brembo SpA and others at the conference: "SMEs: new routes for internationalization", proposing the FSD model as a catalyst for innovation, employment and internationalization for SMEs.

2011 the microeconomic model of the FSD is proposed to the Federation of Cooperative Credit Banks of Lombardy, in Milan.

2012 proposes a simulated investment plan in Italy to a leading U.S. bank.

2013 the general model is completed, simulated in Europe and approved by the same institute.

2013-2016 is CEO of the international investment company Flaxley Corporation, in Prague.

2014-present; equity partner of two Small Caps listed in Italy.

2014-2016 plans and coordinates the financial engineering activities related to investments in FSD (

2016 deals with the listing process of an SME in Italy, in collaboration with Banca Aletti.

2017-2018 deals with the luxury startup, oriented to the Russian and U.S. market.

2019 FSD2: study and integration of a new model of Blockchain-based.


He is the author of monetary and financial issues, developed only for investment purposes.